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why massage

One might consider me a jack of all. I have explored many options in my life. 

Marie E. Moore, L.M.T, M.B.A. is an educator, a veteran, and a mother of three young children. My passion is health and well-being. I bring this enthusiasm to everything I pursue. I love people. As a Division I collegiate athlete, I am highly a motivated team player. I can bring a positive and charismatic energy to any task.  I served in the United States Coast Guard as the Assistant of Operations on the Coast Guard Cutter James Rankin (WLM-555). I was a Language Arts and Math teacher for Anne Arundel County. My life experience is valuable when it comes to discerning my mission here on earth.  I enjoy running, hiking and participating in races. I love spending free time with my family.


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Undergraduate degree (B.A.) was earned at Mount Saint Mary's University.

Massage therapy certification-(600 hrs) Anne Arundel Community College.

Dynamic Body Balancing-(100hrs) myofascial and cranio-sacral therapy (Dr. Carol Phillips)

 Master in Business Administration (MBA) John Sperling School of Business-University of Phoenix


My mission is to promote peace in our world, one body at a time.

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